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Diverse Learning Environments


During the early years, an infant's emotional and physical needs are the most important. An intimate, responsive and trusting relationship is vital for them to thrive and learn.
Our experience teachers cater to their individual needs with one to one responsive interactions. We have an individualised curriculumn that caters to the changing needs of an infant. Hence, we have a high staff to children ratio in this room.


Toddlers have distinctive developmental needs and characteristics. Our programmes are designed to be flexible, challenging and at the same time creating opportunities for independent exploration and movement.
As they are always full of energy, our large purpose-built outdoor area caters to their physical needs. Our committed team of teachers understand the characteristics of toddlers.


The next learning milestone is nearly round the corner. At Rising Stars, we have a transition to school support focus on giving your child a headstart for primary school.
With our teachers' guidance and supportive learning environment, your children will continue to refine and develop their communication, self-help, early Mathematics, Science and literacy skills.


Our nature outdoor spaces creates an opportunity for infants, toddlers and young children to explore. 

A calm environment that is respectful and attentive to children day to day routine. 

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