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Parenting -- Baby and toddler cues: in pictures

Baby cues: ‘I want attention’

Eye contact is one way your baby tells you they want your attention.

Your baby might turn their head, look at you, reach out, coo, babble or squeal.

If your baby wants attention, it’s a good time to smile, talk and play with them.


Baby cues: ‘I need a break or a change of activity’

Your baby might turn their head away if they need a break or a change of activity.

Your baby might arch their back or cry if they need a break.

If your baby needs a break, try putting them on the floor to play or into bed if it’s sleep time.


Baby tired signs

If your baby is yawning, rubbing their eyes or jerking their arms or legs, these are tired signs.

Older babies and toddlers might grizzle, cry and demand attention.

Try giving your child some quiet time in bed to help with settling for sleep.

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