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Welcome to

Rising Stars

Early Learning 


Play. Learn. Grow. 

Our Philosophy

We, at Rising Stars, believe that early childhood lays the foundation for future learning and development and that childhood experiences and memories greatly influence a person's life.

During the early years, an infant's emotional and physical needs are the most important. An intimate, responsive and trusting relationship is vital for them to thrive and learn.

Toddlers have distinctive developmental needs and characteristics. Our programmes are designed to be flexible, challenging and at the same time creating opportunities for independent exploration and movement.

The next learning milestone is nearly round the corner. At Rising Stars, we have a transition to school support focus on giving your child a headstart for primary school.

Hi Teacher

We have a committed team of experience teachers who have served us for a long period of time. Our teachers value each child as an individual and provide many opportunities for them to learn. We are also committed to uphold a high percentage of qualified teachers.

As a multi-cultural team, we bring with us a diversity, which has helped us design a rich teaching and learning programme, which is culturally rich and intellectually stimulating. A team that has put in years of experience into creating a home away from home, a place which fosters curiosity, a place of exploration, research and discovery.

Developing meaningful relationships with children and families is something that is highly valued and what we strive to achieve.

Life At Rising Stars

Our Purpose- Built Centres provide unique opportunities for you and your children to be part of a safe, fun, stimulating and nurturing learning environment. The place where your children learn and grow.

Your families are welcome to visit us where you will be introduced to our passionate, experienced and professional teaching team, and then taken on a guided tour around. This is a great time for us to answer your queries, and for you to talk to us about your childcare needs.

What Parents Think

The teachers always make sure we know how my children’s day has been and I love the portfolio with stories about the class activities, and personalized stories about my child as well. The teachers cater to the needs of my children and over the years that have offered different activities to each of my children depending on their interests and needs. There is an amazing family atmosphere about the centre, and the centre encourages parents to be involved with what is going on, to share their stories, skills and culture with the rest of the children and parents. 




Monday – Friday
7.00 am – 5.30 pm

168 Lincoln Road, Henderson, Auckland (0610), New Zealand



Monday – Friday
7.00 am – 6.00 pm

210 White Swan Road, Lynfield, Auckland (1041), New Zealand

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